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    If you’re going to take a highway trip, or want to drive long distance for business, the last thing you need is to worry about the fuel cost or perhaps the best path. This table is calculated precisely from downtown to downtown using real GPS coordinates on the most popular and shortest routes, making your trip simpler and more economical. Of course, you need to factor in time of day and day of the week – a journey on a Sunday night can have you face a smaller amount traffic compared to heading into a major city during rush hour, for example. But knowing the actual trip mileage and your estimated fuel expense is the first spot to start.

    It’s easy to estimate time and fuel cost when you see an accurate distance between places in Georgia, as given here. Each distance we show is precisely calculated based on the most logical road route between two cities. This isn’t a simple crow-flies calculation but rather the exact quantity of miles you would travel if you drove from a single town center to the other. Obviously, interstates and major highways are preferred, so you can rest guaranteed the mileage below reflects the actual route you are likely to take when you hit the road. Economize on gasoline or even lodging costs by knowing how many stops to plan for along the way, and where you might want to create them.

    If you know how far you have to travel, you can factor rush hour into the equation when determining how to drive between one Georgia place and another. If time is of the essence, plan your road trip so you don’t arrive at the busiest period of day. End of the week drives are generally faster and quieter than those on workdays, so keep that in mind. However you choose to travel, our distance chart will help you get started. Our Georgia driving distances chart is even useful for short trips or even multi-point journeys. There are a myriad of use cases: maybe you’re planning a family vacation and want to fit in as much fun sights and experiences as possible. Or maybe you’re thinking of moving to a new area and would like to figure out your weekend options or your commute.

    The fastest way to discover the driving miles between Georgia places is to check out our miles chart below. Here we show the highway mileage between 2 destinations of your choice, covering each of the major cities in the area. The last thing you want to do is undervalue the gas cost for moving.

    The Georgia driving distance table can be found below.

    • Alpharetta – Smyrna: 23 mi
    • Smyrna – Albany: 198 mi
    • Warner Robins – Columbus: 89 mi
    • Alpharetta – Marietta: 21 mi
    • Athens – Smyrna: 71 mi
    • Macon – Alpharetta: 110 mi
    • Alpharetta – Johns Creek: 7 mi
    • Augusta – Atlanta: 148 mi
    • LaGrange – Warner Robins: 125 mi
    • Columbus – LaGrange: 48 mi
    • Columbus – Roswell: 130 mi
    • Warner Robins – Alpharetta: 126 mi
    • Smyrna – Columbus: 116 mi
    • Augusta – Albany: 228 mi
    • Marietta – Atlanta: 20 mi
    • Smyrna – Macon: 99 mi
    • Augusta – Sandy Springs: 159 mi
    • Macon – Athens: 91 mi
    • Marietta – Sandy Springs: 14 mi
    • Atlanta – Warner Robins: 99 mi
    • Warner Robins – Augusta: 140 mi
    • Savannah – Marietta: 268 mi
    • Smyrna – LaGrange: 75 mi
    • Marietta – Johns Creek: 29 mi
    • Augusta – Marietta: 167 mi
    • Macon – Sandy Springs: 99 mi
    • Warner Robins – Johns Creek: 121 mi
    • Augusta – LaGrange: 209 mi
    • Johns Creek – Athens: 53 mi
    • Roswell – Smyrna: 19 mi

    Download Mileage Chart for Georgia as PDF: